Hand sanitizer is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to keep your hands germ-free throughout the day. Having a little extra on hand doesn’t hurt, especially if you hold a position where you interact with multiple people or students every day. If you’re looking for bulk wholesale hand sanitizer for your school, office, workspace, or home, you’ve come to the right place! Learn more about our wholesale offerings and product details below.

Holistic Quality

When it comes to personal hygiene, you deserve products that don’t compromise on their ingredient list. Since hand sanitizer is applied to your skin, which is one of the most absorbent organs of your body, any chemicals present in the products you use are more likely to make it into your system. Many hand sanitizer brands available today have risky preservatives, needless chemicals, animal-derived byproducts, and even harmful methanol in them.

Material Purity

At Oxygen Health Wellness, we value purity in personal care products, just like you do. That’s why all of our products, including our bulk wholesale hand sanitizer, have only six ingredients. When you’re relying on hygiene products to get the job done, simple ingredients and well-formulated solutions are the way to go. We make our products with our customers in mind.

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