Personal health is an investment, and it’s worthwhile purchasing products that support your values rather than detract from them. When it comes to hand sanitizer, you may be surprised by how many ingredients can reduce the purity of its intended use. Naturally-derived hand sanitizer delivers everything you need it to without the risky drawbacks of chemical-laden alternatives. Read about three key benefits of natural hand sanitizer below.

No Harmful Chemicals

On an intuitive level, personal hygiene and questionable chemicals or ingredients should not go together. Unfortunately, all too often there are personal care products that have risky chemicals in them. Triclosan is one such ingredient that, while it’s used for its antibacterial properties, may disrupt healthy hormone levels. Methanol is another chemical that can be very harmful to your health.

Parabens, another antimicrobial agent extremely common in hand sanitizers, have been linked to immunotoxicity, cancer, and skin irritation. Instead of settling for everyday hand sanitizer that can’t offer you clean hands without problematic substances, go with our products instead.

Getting the Results You Want

Products like hand sanitizer are designed to keep your hands free and clear of harmful germs so you can reduce the likelihood you’ll become sick. You don’t want to risk certain aspects of your health for the sake of improving others, so of course it’s frustrating if hand sanitizer dries out your hands. Your hands naturally produce small amounts of oil throughout the day, which keeps your skin moisturized and supple.

If your hands are clean but aren’t moisturized, this can dry out your skin faster than if you hadn’t used hand sanitizer in the first place. To counteract this concern, we make hand sanitizer with plant-derived glycerin and aloe vera. All of our products are made with you, our end user, in mind.

Living Your Values

Many consumers these days aim to shop their personal values, which may include prioritizing personal health, buying cruelty-free, and avoiding allergens. At Oxygen Health Wellness we’re proud to offer you hand sanitizer that is entirely gluten-, fragrance-, and cruelty-free. Our hand sanitizer, unlike heavily alcohol-based hand sanitizers that strip the skin’s natural oils, leaves your skin smooth and moisturized. Our products are also phthalate- and PEG-free, so you get only what your body needs with none of the defects.

After reading about the benefits of natural-derived hand sanitizer, we’re confident you’ll know how simple it is to choose superior products for your health. Shop our hand sanitizer here or send us a message if you have any detailed questions.

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